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Reef Octopus Skimmer rattling


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Hello everyone,


I purchased a Reef Octopus NWB-200 and the pump seems to be making a rattling noise. I did some searching and the only thing I found was to order a new impeller and it should fix it.


However, I noticed when I do my water change and the water level in the sump increases the rattling stops and its back to being pretty silent. It currently sits in 10" of water. Before I go and order the new impeller, I wanted to see if there was some "obvious" method for setting up Reef Octopus skimmers that keep them from rattling. Its just confusing that raising the water level in the sump seems to make the noise stop.


Thank you for your help!





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Increasing the water level increases the head pressure, and slows the flow slightly. These changes are obviously affecting the pump noise.


If you physically hold the pump when it's rattling, does the rattling stop? Can you feel if the rattling is coming within the pump or is the pump itself rattling against something?


Before you buy a new impeller, run the pump in a vinegar solution, take it apart, brush off the parts with a new toothbrush, run the pump in tap water (to rinse it), and try it again. If it's still rattling, contact tech support to confirm that a new impeller is the most likely solution.

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If you just bought it you should be in contact with Reef Octopus. They have a warranty on the Pump AND skimmer body, so should offer a repair/ replacement parts for free

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