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Upgrading to coralife 29 from oceanic 14- filtration change?!?


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I am moving my tank into a larger tank.. i would like to switch the method of filtration i use, right now my filtration is as follows:

Biocube filter cartridge

Filter floss pad

nitrate pad

extra carbon in media bag


small filter sponge


What i have in mind is ditch the bio balls and biocube filter pads and do :

FILTER floss pad


two large sponges

matrix bio media

purigen in last chamber


And add a protein skimmer in chamber 1 soon after


My tank has been running for 18 months and is pretty healthy. I was probably going to keep some old bioballs in chamber 2 on top of the biomedia bag ill add so I dont shock the system And slowly take them out every week.


Any thoughts would be much appreciated and any tips you may have for tank switching.



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