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blue ring octopus


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hi, I read many post said blue ring octopus is deadly, and should not be kept. However I have seen some of the LFS carries a dozen of them, and it's good selling item. When I told them it kills, one of the boss laugh and say it won't, he prove by tickle on the octupus head with his finger, grap it's leg and swing it, then squeeze it's head.


2 day pass and he still alive.. so what's what?

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i live in australia where blue rings are native. if it is really a blue ring than it is deadly, but it has to bite you. here is some infor from a page warning tourists about them (http://www.barrierreefaustralia.com/the-gr...ngedoctopus.htm)


"With a beak that can penetrate a wet-suit, they are one little cute creature to definitely look at BUT Don't touch.


The bite might be painless, but this octopus injects a neuromuscular paralysing venom. The venom contains some maculotoxin, a poison more violent than any found on land animals. The nerve conduction is blocked and neuromuscular paralysis is followed by death. The victim might be saved if artificial respiration starts before marked cyanosis and hypotension develops. The blue-ringed octopus is the size of a golf ball but its poison is powerful enough to kill an adult human in minutes. There's no known antidote. The only treatment is hours of heart massage and artificial respiration until the poison has worked its way out of your system.


The venom contains tetrodotoxin, which blocks sodium channels and causes motor paralysis and occasionally respiratory failure. Though with fixed dilated pupils, the senses of the patients are often intact. The victims are aware but unable to respond.


Although the painless bite can kill an adult, injuries have only occurred when an octopus has been picked out of its pool and provoked or stepped on."




i wouldnt keep one! i do marine biology at uni and you should hear the horror stories my lecturers tell about people getting bitten by them. they might be cute but not worth the risk!

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Real nice that the store is selling them to unknowing people and telling them that they're not dangerous. If that were in my town, I'd call the police or something.

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i seriously, seriously doubt that its a true blue ring octopus. out of the entire chain of command, starting with the collectors, and ending with the owners of the pet store, someone has to have a brain. and anyone with a brain would know not to collect or sell that animal.



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it looks exactly like the one in the picture attached. The blue ring is really stunning, it blink like those xmas tree lighting when it moves... How I wish I can keep one of this...

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matt the fiddler

it does not have to bite you- the poison is in it's mucus, the bite only help the mucus to get to your blood stream- you can come in contact wiht the mucus even by just changing the water!


If it is a tre Blue ring.. that is like selling a loaded shotgun and saying it is a pacificer for an infact... some one should double check that....


"and anyone with a brain would know not to collect or sell that animal."


well, you would be suprised...



go get some reasearch. either the boss is a moron. a lucky one- or it is a octo tha is not a blue ring. either way- soemthing is wrong

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matt the fiddler

"This is a darwin award waiting to happen."



LOL i was thinking that. just thinkign of the pet store owner.. if it did get him that would be top 5 of the year!


especially since it is death by species competition/ outsmarting

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matt the fiddler

man. i really hope they are not true blue rings. that is a very bad scene.


like having a petting zoo made of cone shells and cobras.


if the pet owner has not even heard of the "deadly" blue ring


print out some stuff and take it to him. you could be saving several peopels lives.... if the situation is what i think is happening..



note. blue ring venom is kinda like zoos. you don't always get killed. they dont' always attack, and he could have not gotten the mucus in his bloodstream.. 1 time touching one is not enough to knwo it is not deadly

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Either way, I wouldn't trust that LFS...


1) They're selling a product as something it may not be

2) They're selling a venomous animal that really doesn't have a place in home aquaria...


You decide which you like better, I don't like either alternative

my 2 cents


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well, I did print the article to him yesterday, and surprisingly all the blue ring is sold (about 10 of them), only one left... he said he wanna keep it for himself....


He still didn't convince on the fact.. And wanna show me the trick again, I stop him and just walk out, damn Stubborn...

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It sounds like they are blue rings. Something also to consider, people from the US and Western Europeans in general take a far more cautious (and rightfully so in this case) stance on things like this. The owner of that store obvious hasn't read up on the blue rings, but it wouldn't suprise me if he had and just doesn't seem to think anything bad will happen. Some cultures simply don't put stock in danger that most US citizens do. I would steer clear of the blue rings. Its a risk versus reward...and what reward is worth death?

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are you going to take any action to stop this or just post a thread about it? this is serious, i would call an authority on the matter ie. police, vet, dnr, OSHA (i work at a LFS they'd have a hayday)

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matt the fiddler

considering people lives could be at stak unknowingly every place a blue ring was sold....... this is pretty major.. i agree with mad nanite. shing him a info shee tmay nto be enough--




2 options here...

#1- they are blue rings. you should probably talk to him one last time and and then an authority


#2 he lied about the names-.. with creatures names like that- you should probably talk to him.. you should talk to an authority



be sure to point out to him that they dont' ALWAYS kill. like a loaded gun doesn't kill every time you touch it.. any one here on this forum know enough on these bluerings [lots more than I ] to call the pet store owner and tlak to him?


ask him to lick his hands after petting it next time..!


just make sure you have artificial breathing and heart potential for 24 hours before you do...

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Originally posted by matt the fiddler

shing him a info shee tmay nto be enough--


Having a hard time with the new keyboard? :P

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I would think that it would be illegal to sell or own a blue ring octopus because they are so deadly. Aren't they endangered or protected by law?. That’s like keeping a rare tiger with an accident waiting to happen. Sounds to me like you need to stay away from that pet store.

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hey guy i keep a pair of bullrouts which are very toxic. just becuase and animal is toxic does not meanyou should not keep them. it just means you have to be overly cautious. scorpions can kill so can spiders and smnakes. yetpeople keep them all the time. hell lick a zoo and you'll probably die. hell lick any coral in you tank an you'll probably get hell sick at least. i'mnot saying this lfs owner is any less shady. he's still a moron in my opinion. just trying to put things in perspective. yes blue rigs are deadly but if cared for properly ny a seasoned aquarist that has the proper respect for them they can be kept and enjoyed just as anyother difficult to keep specimen.

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Hey, if it isn't a blue-ring, I might have you ship me one in the future :P, and probably more ppl's too, if it's some local, non-dagerous bred one, who knows, we could market them in the US, or the pet store owner could die, and that whole saga will go to the dingos, mate! ;P -Matt

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