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Best lighting for sps corals and clams in a 20L


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Well I am setting up a 29 gal, and the local sps expert in the area, is advising me on what to get, plus he is building my hood.


He said the max to put the light away from the water was 12 inches. And that my hood actually will be 12 inches tall, and I am going to be using the Sundirect Reef Optix III 150W DE HQI pendant, along with 2 24 inch VHOs.


He told me that the 3 inches on each side would not be dark to the eye, but also won't grow the frags out as fast as in the middle.


So that is what I am going with, with 2 fans, one comes on when the VHO come on, and another comes on when the temp rises.


Then he will have another sensor that will detect an even higher temp, that if it reaches that will shut off my lights so that they don't boil my tank.

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