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Tinpanva's Reef Part Deux - 60 Cube

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Plans just have a way of changing or getting changed. I've been drawing, making project lists, and even bought a 40b sump for a 93 cube build I've had in my head for the last several months. Well, along comes one of "those" deals you just can't say no to, the brand new 60 cube and stand was one of those deals. I'm ok with it, love the look and footprint of the 60 cube. I think everyone should have at least one. I will be pulling most of the good stuff from the 29, all the electronics as well.


The Specs


60 gallon Marineland Reef Ready Rimless Cube

Marineland Stock Stand

Vertex Omega 150 Skimmer

Sicce Silent 3.5 Return Pump

Nextreef NRS-24 Sump

Nextreef MR1 Media Reactor

AI Hydra 52 LEDs (w/Director)

JBJ NanoGlow LEDs for the Sump

ReefKeeper Lite

Tunze Osmolater ATO

(3) Ecotech MP-10 Wireless Pumps

Finnex 200w Titanium Heater

60lbs BRS Reef Saver Dry Rock

60lbs Tropic of Eden Reef Flakes


Just picked up the sump this past weekend and the last few plumbing parts. Should have water on it this weekend.


Local Club requires first photo to contain customary beer photo for good luck.




Just waiting to swap out tank locations, I want the new tank in the same spot as the 29.




Unboxing the Skimmer, not only very pretty and shiney, but built like a tank.




Trying it out for size, and once installed, fit like a glove. As a side note, I had designed my own sump to go under the stand (attached), but too many barriers were getting in the way and was taking too long to have built. Hello option "B".






Just cell phone pictures for right now. Working on rock scape this week and should be wet this weekend!



Cube Sump Ver 5.1 Side A.pdf

Cube Sump Ver 5.1 Side B.pdf

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forget the tank, i'd be happy just looking at the snug fit of that sump in the cabinet all day.


It is pretty sweet, told the wife I want to place the stand backwards so I could see the sump at all times. Well, we compromised, so the answer was no. :furious:

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It is pretty sweet, told the wife I want to place the stand backwards so I could see the sump at all times. Well, we compromised, so the answer was no. :furious:


Hahaha love it.


I'll be watching!

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It ain't pretty, and it's cloudy as heck, but both tanks got moved today, plumbed, added rock and sand and now she's wet.







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Week one is done, skimmer slowly getting broke in. Everything else doing just fine. Hooked up a temporary ATO to make life a little easier.

First weeks numbers - 1.0245, 0 no2 & no3, .75 Nh3

Withe all the sand and coral being snow white, it's hard to show depth. But I think it's pretty cool looking.



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Took 2 and a half sticks of aqua-mend to put it all together. Used all but 1 melon sized chuck from the original 60lbs. That and a couple cups of rubble which always comes in handy. Really don't have alot of room in the sump for more than a little rubble so I'm going to get a block of the Marine Pure Biomedia for the sump.

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The cycle is moving along nicely, no diatoms yet, bet it shows up this week. Trying to decide if I should leave the rotten shrimp in another week or not.


Nh3 - 0ppm

No2 - .1 ppm

No3 - 2 ppm

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Day 26 - Cycle has ended - Now the fun begins! I'll start moving corals this weekend.

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Boy, I didn't realize just how much electronic stuff I had until I had to redo it all on the 60, good grief that took most of the afternoon. Finally got that done and the started moving corals and finally the fish. Happy to report every one happy this morning (and still alive)! Still got to remove a nem from the 29 so I'll try that today. I tried to irritate them last night hoping to find one on the glass this morning but no luck there. There a nem whisperer in the house?


Still have an overflowing skimmer, been running a month. Already raised it once, so I'll try the volute thingy today. I'm assuming its because everything is brand new and nothing to skim is why it's acting up. At least I hope, dropped a pretty penny on that puppy.


Hopefully pics this afternoon.

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Managed to grab a few photos today. Tank seems to be doing well, things are stable so no complaints. Diatoms aren't too bad an not getting worse. Even the skimmer has settled down.

FTS 1 Month 4 Days (Day 6 for animals)


Couple of random photos





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damn you have a neon dotty back and a red hawk fish? That is some mean live stock. How do they do with your inverts and other fish?

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Shrimp really don't work out well in there, the hawk took out the fire shrimp couple days ago. Inverts do fine. It's a shame about the shrimp, he was a cool cat, would eat out of my hand. He's been living in my QT for about a year. Thought I was doing him a favor moving to a bigger house and all. As far as everyone else getting along, the 2 clowns are blissfully happy wherever they are, life is a constant party for them, until I stick my hand in the tank that is. Little shits. The six line likes to chase the dotty back sometimes, but when he does the hawk will chase him so it keeps him in line. All in all, everyone gets along.

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Missed the start on here. There's that damn beer again, and again I have none. :( Keep us updated!

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If it makes you feel any better, that particular beer is long gone. Of course it has been replaced by many others that look just like it.



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The tank currently has 2 clowns, the hawkfish, neon dottyback, the 6 line passed away from injuries suffered month or so ago. But I would like to replace him. Other than that I'd like a leopard wrasse, and a McCoskers Wrasse. After that, who knows, but I like the following, just need to do more reading; Mystery Wrasse, Flame Angelfish or coral beauty, Pearlescale butterfly or a whipfin fairy wrasse

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At the 2 month mark, algae is getting better, wasn't too bad but ugly as heck. To be expected with a new tank, glad that landmark is behing me. Some photos from today.


SPS First













Now some of my Zoas













And chalices....















Last thing I have, well, it may be rated R. Snail is doing something nasty I think.



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