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Power Sweep


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I was wondering if a Power Sweep PH would be suitable for my ten gallon nano reef? I just thought it would be interesting and perhaps more natural to have water flow that rotated. I was planning on putting one Power Sweep up in the upper left hand corner of the tank and also have a small maxijext in the lower right hand corner to blow behind the rocks. Would this set up be ideal for softies, shrooms, zoos, and perhaps some SPS?

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yes it will work. just put the power sweep some where you can get to it. they do clog sometimes if you run them with out the prefister. well they don't clog they stop sweeping. it really simple fo fix it. takes like 2 minutes tops. just put it where you can get to it easily.

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i agree that a smaller powersweep would generate less heat in a 5g tank, but the bigger one has the more appropriate water movement. currently, i have the powersweep going on at nights (keeps tank warm) and leave the minijet running 24/7.

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