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Macro Algae ID?


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I was going to say codium. If so it's a great algae to keep as it takes up a higher percentage of phosphates relative to other types.


Edit: I didn't recognize the scientific name of Neomeris annulata, but I've tried to keep that one going in my tank. I love the neon green color of it. Anyways, your pic is definitely not Neomeris annulata.

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I'm beginning to think it is Codium tayloriiis aka Fern Codium.


I've never seen a codium that didn't branch. This looks like a bunch of worms coming off the rock. Reefs2Go has something just like it listed as Fern Codium (Neomeris Annulata) but also as Codium tayloriiis in the same page.


I'm going to try and get some better macro pictures of it tonight with my cannon as opposed to quicky pictures with my iphone. If you blow the picture up, you can see through some of the stalks. Hell it even looks like its on the same type of rock in the r2go picture. (no I didn't get it from them). I bought it at my LFS, he said he had no idea what it was, he said ordered a fern algae and was expecting something else.


Another thread here on nano-reef looks like the same stuff http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/118095-rock-fern/


It could also be Codium decorticatum aka Dead Man's Fingers but even that branches more that this stuff

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