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sumpless mixed reef to FOWLR? Please help


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Hi I am going to switch it back to FOWLR from a mixed reef because I dont have time for the corals but I dont want to give up on my fish so this is the reason! It is a 40g breeder mixed reef without a sump but I do have a CPR 5 gallon hob refugium, eshopps 100 hang on skimmer and a tunze 3162 internal filter for filtration(floss, carbon and phoguard inside) and live rock I have is about 45 lbs. I wondering if I should sell the hob fuge and internal filter and get a canister filter with a lot of bio rings for the biological filterration since is going to be a FOT? I have 8 fish(not going to add more fish in the future) in the tank right now and have no problem with all my sps and lps but I am not sure if I should run those filtration on a FOWLR. Please help

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