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Nuvo fusion


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I'm thinking about purchasing a nuvo fusion 30. It will be my first saltwater tank. So I'm looking for some feedback on what they are like.

Cheers Marty

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I don't have a Fusion 30G, but I do have the smaller brother (fusion 10G) and I love it after 7 months of use. Many people have my tank here and concur with that. I think that the Fusion tanks are awesome. My next tank will be a 40G fusion for sure.

Others also have the 20g and I have seen positive reviews on it too. The glass is gorgeous on these tanks and build quality is pretty good.

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I would add water, sand and rock! Seriously, it all depends on what you are doing. A skimmer may be a good idea, as well as a media reactor. Innovative marine makes products for both of those functions that work very, very well for their size. But start simple, and add things as you need them.

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I have the Fusion 20. You'll need a light and rock and salt mix and tests (ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, PH, Phosphates, Magnesium, Alk and Ca are the basics) and a refractometer/hydrometer and pure water (distilled or RODI). Those are necessities for a reef. If you're like me, you'll eventually want:



- Media Reactor

- Skimmer

- Wave maker/power head

- Auto Top-Off

- In Tank Fuge (media basket and fuge light)

- Live rock, live sand

- Controller

- Media: GFA, GAC and Purigen

- Corals and fish

- Clean up crew (snails and optional hermits)


My advice: get the best light you can afford. Don't be like me and upgrade your light after a month. Total waste of money.

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