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Acetabularia (Wine Glass) turned to a nuisance. Any means of control?


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I have some genus of Acetabularia (Mermaids Wine Glass) that went sexual and is covering all of my rocks in my 12 gallon shallow pico. I have tried everything to get rid of them for quite sometime but they keep regrowing. According to literature they apparently need little nutrients to grow. Anyone know a means of control? My CUC barely touch it and manual removal is nearly impossible. I run Bio pellets, skimmer, and Chemipure elite, my Hannah phosphate meter reads 0.

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Mine did that one time in my 5 gal tank. Do you have any blue hermit crabs? My crabs always ate the stuff so it didn't last long.

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"Borrow" being the key word here. Rabbit will likely clean it up in 3 days.

I have macro covered rocks in the fuge that i put in the DT for the rabbit every now and then, cleans it up in under an hour. If you have a friend that has a rabbit, you could visit with some of your rocks, stick around for an hour, done.

Sea hare might be the best option in lieu of finding friends with rabbitfish. No guarantees that he will eat it, sometimes they come with unique tastes.

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