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Attaching booster pump to Spectrapure RODI


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Hey all - does anyone have any experience with attaching the Spectrapure booster pump to their 180 RODI units?


I thought it would be easy enough - attach the pump before the RO membranes. But it came with an additional value that has be stumped. It looks like it goes on the output line - on the red flow regulator tube. But the diagram shows it needing ball valves and stuff - which it didn't come with.


Does anyone have an idiots guide to how to do this? I don't want to cut something and be screwed.


Plus - it comes with two white tube connectors, and I have no clue where to put those.



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Yeah I poured over that page but the booster pump diagrams don't show the one I have. It's just the pump and this extra sensor thing. None of the other stuff - and the diagrams all have additional pieces that didn't come with my kit.

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What kind of booster pump? I just hooked up an aquatech 8800 to my 90gpd spectrapure system. Pretty simple. I have it hooked up after the carbon and sediment filter and before ro membrane.

Line comes into unit filling sediment filter then carbon block, exits through a tube facing the back of the unit. Cut that line and you can get a 1/4" push coupler to extend the line to reach the booster pump inlet- there should be an arrow on the pump for direction of flow. Then run another line exiting booster pump and into ro membrane. On the ro exit you can put a tee connector and a one way connector to allow you to tap the ro water before entering the di. You would need a ball valve as well to turn that line on and off when desired. If you don't want to do the tee connector, then just run the line to the di filter inlet and another to the outlet and done.

If using a pressure shut of switch, which does come in handy when making water and forgetting about it. Install pressure switch at ro water exit and before di inlet. Also would be a good ide to install a one way coupler after ro exit line but before pressure switch to keep unwanted water out of the ro membrane upon back pressure build up before pressure switch shuts off the pump.

Not sure if this helps but it's the way I have mine. If you need a pic, let me know and I can post one

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I would love a pic. Thank you.


It's just the standard pump they sell - the manual flush version.


I just wasn't prepared for this level of extra stuff - I figured it was pretty easy. I have zero plumbing knowledge.


The pressure switch must be this extra thing they gave me. What does it do? It turns the pump off when the water is turned off? I don't have a float valve or anything so I just turn the water off manually....do I need to install the pressure switch or can I just leave that for when I have a better set-up that goes off automatically? I guess that thing just turns off the motor so it doesn't run dry?


My plan would be to just install it between the sediment and RO filters....and maybe I don't need that extra sensor yet?



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Ignore the parts and pieces you don't have. The diagram is very simple. Install the pump after the sediment and carbon block filter, before the first membrane and the pressure switch between the second RO membrane and the DI filter. If you have questions call Spectrapure technical support, that is why they are there.

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Listen to Az, he helped me out setting mine up.

I'm making dinner and have to run errands after but I'll post a pic of how I have mine set up when I get a chance

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Awesome - thanks guys. I'm going to give it a shot tonight. Each of the two RO membranes connect to the DI filter. It's still good to just connect the switch after #2?

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OK! Update....


I hooked the pump up before the RO membranes. Easy easy.


I put the switch right before the DI.


I turned the water on and then plugged in the pump and it didn't turn on. So I rechecked the connections, still notta.


On the instruction booklet it shows the switch hooked up after the DI unit and before the red flow restrictor tube. So I tried that - and it turned on. I don't know if that's completely wrong, but it's got the pump and it's making water.


Problem is - the flow isn't nearly what I thought it would be. I was at 40..now I'm at 50-52. And my waste ratio is still over 4:1. I was hoping this pump would get me over 60 and get my waste down to something I don't feel horrible about.


I tried rotating the pressure screw but it didn't have any drastic effect. I tightened it to just make sure and the flow dropped - so I know I'm messing with the right screw.


Any more ideas?


Thanks again- super helpful.

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Well - I spoke to the guys at Spectrapure and they were very helpful. I'm going to try installing a ball-valve on my waste line and restrict the flow that way. Here in Portland we get pretty good water (45-50TDS) so he suggested I scale it back under 3:1....closer to 2:1. That would be great....going to give it a shot tonight.


Thanks again for the help.

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Why not trim the flow restrictor versus the ball valve on the waste? I get very nervous when people try restricting the waste with anything other than flow restrictor as they can get bumped closed or in the case or a needle valve start scaling up. I treid it myself and it cost me a new membrane since the waste line was out of sight and it closed up on me with seeing it. It does not take long to ruin a membrane when it is not being properly flushed.


More important than TDS is how soft the water is. If you have soft or softened water a 2:1 ratio will work well for you but if it is not soft then stick closer to 3:1 for good membrane life.

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Got it - yeah, I was worried about the ball valve being jostled or something. So a shorter flow restrictor will accomplish similar results...got it. I'll try cutting that a bit a seeing how it goes.


I live in Portland - the water is super soft and super low TDS...around 45.


I put the ball valve on last night (before reading this) and I got the waste down to about 2.25:1. My pressure SKYROCKETED up at that point - well over 100...so I turned the pump down and upped the waste just a bit and now i'm at 80psi - which I'm told is OK for these units.


I'll work on the flow restrictor tonight. It's good to know the ball valve will work, though, in case I mess up the flow restrictor.


Thanks again.

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