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filtration qust.


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I have a cpr bapak on my 26 gallon nano reef. I am going to set up a 10 g. nano and I am wondering if I can use like a cheap penguin bio wheel or something like that, or do I need a prizm or bakpak?

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you could do either or both. i would do the penguin for sure. skimmer is more optional, but good if you can afford one.


I personally use both, on my 12g, but have also gone skimmerless before, and did fine.

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really depends on what type of tank youre gunna set up

if you do a reef id say yes but if its just invert/fish not as much

i had a prizm on my 7gal bowfront and it cracked the back glass

boy was there cleaning up to do that day

good luck


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