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Reefs2go order

Seth fhy

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I recieved my reefs2go order today and I wanted to let u guys know how it went! They have a lot of negative reviews on forums and I'm going to give them a fair review. I ordered 10 polyps eye of rah zoas, 10 polyps radioactive dragon eye zoas, 10 polyps cats eye palys, 2 polyps jealousy palys, gsp frag, daisy polyps frag, 2 serpent starfish, 1 pink pincushion urchin, and 4 nassarus snails. The total price was under $50 including shipping which is unbeatable. Everything arrived alive and healthy except for the gsp frag, daisy polyps, and radioactive zoas. All the inverts are healthy and the serpent stars are both bigger than they said which is nice. I ordered from them once before and I had no problems, they gave me store credit for the items that didn't make it. Just wanted to give them a fair review.

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Sounds about right. So when you are ready to order again you have store credit for the livestock. You are out shipping.


I've ordered from them a few times. Mostly pods. Even their pod packs are getting skimpy. Starting to see more ispods in them as well.

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