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250W or 175W


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I am getting ready to set up a 10 gal nano. I'll be doing an AC 500 fuge, and a couple power heads on a wave controler.


I want to keep a clam or two, plus I don't want to be limited in what I can keep.


Should I go with a 175W MH or a 250W?


opinion please, plus pics of your setup if you have something similar.


Also, should I go 10K or 20K.


Do I need to supliment with actinic?

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On a 10 gallon....I would fore go the halide and just get about 110 plus watts of PC if it were me. If there is a chance of a 20-30 gallon tank in your future then prehaps a 70 watt halide might be a good option. I just feel like a 175 will be over kill in such a small tank and might cuase a bleaching problem for you not to mention a heat issue. Maybe I am a little off target with that comment as I do know there are some insaine lighting set ups on some pretty small tanks but I think they are just that...Insaine!


On my 10 gallon QT tank for clams and corals I personnaly found that a Quad 4 96 watt PC was suitable for keeping thinghs there for up to a month with no ill effects and I am not a fan of PC's. After using this set up for over a year I am now of the opinion that PC's are a pretty decent option on Nano-Reefs where Halides may not be the best option due to over heating issues. I am currently running 3 x 55 watt PC caniblized off the used 240 gallon tank I recently bought to light up my 24 gallon "Tall" and I have found it to be quiet adequate for SPS corals to the point I might try to add a small Crocea or two.


In your particular case...since I have some decent wood workking skills...I would use a Quad 4 96 watt retro and 36 watt or there abouts Actinic only in a retrofit to allow you to have good lighting and get the dusk to dawn effect. Better yet if its an option...get a slightly larger tank and use 3-4 x 55 watt retros in a canopy. There again though prehaps on a slightly larger tank a halide in conjunction with a PC actinic would be the way to go!


Just some ideas to ponder....

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yeah pcs would deffinately limit your selection but if i had a choice i would do a 150w 10k hqi with actinic supplements

you would get more growth from 10k than 20k

20k is more for aesthetics than coral growth

good luck


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