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Loc-line for biocube?


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I'm wanting to put a loc-line splitter on my return. Are there any step by step directions anyone can give me as well as where to buy the stuff? Thanks in advance for any help !

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Mike Savage

Some of my local fish stores sell locline, I have also seen it on ebay. The best place I know of though is Bulk Reef Supply. I don't know what size would fit on a biocube though. The most common size I have seen on tanks that are a little larger is 1/2"and on some large tanks I have seen 3/4". Good luck in your search.

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marine depot sells it. Do a search here for "Loc Line Biocube".


The standard stuff doesn't quite fit. You will have to shim/sand depending on how yours fits to get it to work.

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If you have an amazon account they sell as well. I usually go that way because of free shipping. Not to mention I live on the other side of the country and when I order stuff from out west it takes forever to get here...

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