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Cultivated Reef

Starting 10 gallon nano (advice / suggestions please)


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Hello everyone,


I am not new to Saltwater tanks, but I am new to attempting to go Reef.


For some background on myself, I was in the hobby of Saltwater tanks for 10 years (mostly FOWLR).


My last tank was 112g (but I have had a 30g, 60g, 90g and my largest was 180g).


I have been out of the hobby for about 2 years but just can't stay away, so here we go;


I am starting a 10 gallon (Nano Reef, maybe 1 small Goby eventually).


The tank I am using is the NUVO 10g (but without the light, only outputs 18 watts and per manufacture specs, PAR 400-700nm, only good for Low Light - Mushroom, etc).


I am planning on upgrading the stock pump a little (from the 13-92gph rated stock pump to a new pump rated 130gph).


10 lbs Live sand (bagged); 20 lbs Live Rock.


The light I am having trouble finalizing (not wanting to go with the stock light, 18watts), I am looking at:


EVO Quad 3wx20 LED (2700lumen), I believe it is 60watt output (for under $100, same price as the stock light). Only issue is that it's a 15" fixture and my tank is 12" long.


Does it matter if the light fixture is slightly larger than the tank? I know usually it's the other way around.


I plan on putting in a heater, and eventually a skimmer. But he skimmer is another debate.


Any advice, suggestions, or opinions I would love to read.


Thank you,





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