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Has to many red LED's been linked to increase in nuisance algae


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Has there been any further results with how much red LED lights contribute to the growth of nuisance algae? I started restocking my tank after a crash last year and was acclimating new corals to the LEDs. As I have gotten brighter over the last few weeks I ave seen an increase in algae growth. It's a JBJ28nc.with custom LED build. Four of the stars are Red/cool blue/cyan 3-ups. Along with twelve royal blue, four hyper violets and six 5k whites.


I have been kicking around the idea of adding 6 lime pucks and 4 cool blues. Dump two of the 3 ups and the 2 of the hyper violets.


Thanks for any insight.

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Algae, much like coral, can utilize almost all light. Nutrients would be the big thing to watch where nuisance algae is concerned

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Depends on your definition of 'too many'. Given 128 PAR of solely 660nm light has been linked to coral necrosis (well, duh), but beyond that, it's nutrients that will cause your problems.

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Terrestrial plants respond differently to red light, but I've yet to show any evidence it contributes to algae in reef tanks.


A 10k reef light regardless of technology has orders of magnitude more 'warm' wavelengths than a 20k bulb, but nobody has ever said a 10k lit tank causes algae.

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