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Tank Question


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Hey guys. I was planning on going w/ a 20L for my new setup. It was going to have a CPR 24 on the back and a MH pendant. But... I found this tank... The guy will sell it to me for $900 including shipping. Do you guys think this tank is the way to go? I'd appreciate explanations. Thanks!






(I want a a clam or 2 and all kinds of corals including the SPS...)

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hey connor

now it seems like it comes with a lot but what about pumps, skimmer, uv?

not necessary but always a good thing to have

if you make everything yourself (diy) id say youd save a few hundred

but would that be worth the time and effort?

and will it look as good as theres?

but seems decent enough


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All I would need to buy for it would be a return pump which he will sell me for cheap. No skimmer, but that shouldn't cost too much. Yeah, that's the main thing, would it be worth the time, effort, and could it look as good... I'm stuck... I really like the look of a 20L but I could do a lot w/ that tank... Decisions decisions!

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