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DIY Pico Lighting


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I saw these weird solar powered lights at lowes.>>

With a little retro fitting, i thought they'd make an awsome pico light since they came with a blueish fluorescent bulb. But not for $40. Then i saw that they were selling just the bulbs too. I'm planning on using the ballast from my Azoo Palm Light ,because it uses a bulb about the same size. Then I'll gut the hood on my wal-mart aquaview tank and hope the bulb fits. The wattage might also be an issue. I'll try to post pics.




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1 watt is really not sufficient and i would not think that the spectrum was correct... to you know the Kelvin rating??


Very cool though...!

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Since the bulb was very blue (actinic almost), I'm assuming it has a very high kelvin rating. Also, I'll be overdriving the bulb with the ballast at 7 watts, so I'm hoping that will increase the output a bit, even if it reduces the effective life. The bulbs are only like $6 anyway.

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The tank is really dirty right now. I'm going to clean it out and move the current inhabitant (female betta) to another tank.



1 gallon tank w/ gutted hood

7 watt ballast

Tiny air pump


I'm probably going to buy one of those tiny hob filters and dremel out a chunk of the hood for it to fit, because I hate airpumps.




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It's actually more triangle-ish?You can see it here . You can find it at practically any wal-mart, in the pet section. I just finished cleaning out the tank. So I'll try to get some pics of it too.

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