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Montipora digitata problems


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I posted this in the SPS forum at RC but haven't gotten any ideas really. So i'll give it a shot here.


I have a small brown/green montipora digitata that has been in my tank for about 4 months with no problems. Recently, the base of it has begun to turn white. This has been a relatively slow process, it started about 3 weeks ago. I thought it was due to moving the coral to a different spot and the lower areas not receiving as much light. But it has progressed up the coral. At this point, i can still see growth at the tips, but the bottom is bleaching. Polyp extension is normal and it doesn't appear that the skin is flaking off. I have 2 tiny acro frags and a hydnophora that all look fine. I did notice the acros have the dreaded red acro bugs and i will be treating that soon. I really don't want to lose this coral, any suggestions? My thought is to frag it where the bleaching meets the skin and remount it in a different spot. Good idea or no? I will get a picture in about an hour if that helps.


Also, i run chemi-pure in my HOB filter. I have read about phosban possibly being a cause, could chemi-pure be put in the same boat?



0 ammonia

0 nitrite

0 nitrate

8.1 pH

~8dKH alk (could this be my problem?)

420ppm calcium

1.024 SG

81 Temp


Lights are 96W powerquad on legs. As you can see in the second and last pic, it does still have some color at the base. This actually has appeared in the last few days so i remain optimistic.

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Hey Impur


http://www.garf.org/ goto the "All about corals"and read the part about "SPS coral propogation"....especially the "escape size" theory. You have some really nice looking tips, frag'em all and leave the base.....hopefully it will work itself out......frag well into the good tissue, don't get too close to the white just in case it is an infection.

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It looks like RTN to me. Just frag it and let the base go.


If you get down to the white, run a bead around the bottom with glue and let it come over into some good tissue. It will be ok, and help keep anything from spreading.

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matt the fiddler

not rtn- rtn woudl have leveled ti a few weeks ago-


make sure it gets as high of flow and light as you can give it



i agree with fragging it..

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