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Please tell me what is in my Filter ??!!


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These things werent here 2 weeks ago when i cleaned the sponge.


Can someone tell me what the hell these white, fluffy balls are? They were attached the Filter wall (plastic) and I moved one of them. What the hell is this?





PS. The white specs you see in the filter, against the plastic seems to be some kind of feather duster outbreak. Dont worry about that, take a look at the cotton ball like things in there.


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lol, thats what i thought.


I panicked...im a panicker.


i guess worse comes to worse...ill dump the filter. and give it a good cleaning.


thanks for fast response.

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good point. just sit back and relax...and the food comes rollin in.


i might take out the sponge for good, not sure though.

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lol...i had a canister that was soo full of them once, that my tank and filter and everything eventually got cleaner because they are like little filters....i removed the caniste filter and now they are all over my sump :D

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ok good, i new it was a sponge, but i wasnt really sure how to react when i found them in my filter. Didndt know if that area was a good place for them or if they were going to pollute the tank.



Thanks guys.

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