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Innovative Marine Fusion 10/ Nuvo 8 issues


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Hey guys

Just wondering if anyone has had issues with the glass top of the Nuvo 8. Specifically does it get alot of condensation?

How often does it form?

Is this why the new fusions have netting tops?

I like the look of the glass top ! But if condensation is a problem then id rather not get one!

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Pretty much any glass top will collect a lot of condensation. On the plus side, it will cut down on evaporation and can help keep your tank's temp up in the winter if your house is cold. On the negative side is the way the condensation scatters light, potentially decreased gas exchange, and it will keep your tank warmer in the summer.

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When I had mine I was constantly cleaning it from salt residue and the condensation... The net top on my Fusion 20 makes the world of a difference! Plus Mirya is right, gas exchange and heat are issues with an almost entirely closed top.

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