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Favorite nano tank


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i hate acrylic. I like bowfronts...esp corner ones. My fav has got to be one w/ out a rim on the tank cause the water looks like its in space and for some reason the tank looks a lot cleaner. Integrated is nice as well~

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Everyones gonna yell at me now . Its just my personal opinion. I just dont like it cause it scratches and you cant use razors on it and b/c when i hear "fish aquarium" i just typically think glass....you know what i mean? Also, after a while they seem not look crystal clear as a glass one would. At least from what ive seen. DONT HATE ME lol

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Its tricky... I appreciate both. Selling aquariums at my LFS, i like acrylic because a good majority of our sales are 50 gallons and above (come on people do nano's please!) and when someone decides to cut loose a little more and buy it in acrylic, i feel like personally thanking them for not making me pick up a heavy glass aquarium..


Pros and Cons of glass:


Doesnt scratch

Doesnt bow out after a couple of years

Views pretty clear

More expencive looking, yet cheaper



Difficult (not impossible, ive done it!) to drill into (use diamond tip drill bit, lots of water, and wooden supports. See http://www.uhh.hawaii.edu/~pacrc/bigisaqua...pg/Drilling.htm )

Corners arent rounded, takes away from natural look a little

Doesnt come with any precolored backgrounds (I used flat black barbeque spray paint on mine)

Black borders can get scratched and look bad over time

Borders arent made in a lot of different wood types and stains, generally black plastic and oak plastic.


Pros of Acrylic:

Light weight

Rounded corners

Pre colored background on some (black acrylic/blue acrylic)

Views clearer

Better temperature stabilizer (insulator)

Easier to drill into




Easily damaged or scratched

Has the tendency to bow outward

Looks cheaper in some cases

Doesnt always fit traditional stands as snug as a glass aquarium


Im sure you guys knew all this ish but i thought id post it.

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Sometimes when I can't sleep, I imagine scraping algae off the glass in my nano. It's relaxing.


Therefore, the tank of my dreams is made of glass.

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its not a nano but 24x24x24 60 cube diamond edge, starphire glass, euro style, center over flow with 2x400watt SE mh 1 10k and 1 20k

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I like bowfronts, and I have to say I like glass...


A big point for me is not worrying if a bow'ing acrylic tank is ever going to "give"... but that's not so much an issue with nanos.


One thing I've noticed is that we don't have a great supply of "ultra clear" aquarium glass here in North America, does anyone know of any other mass-produced "ultra clear" glass? Starfire... (sp?) and?


In asia they've got some awesome glass, just check out juliet's (sp.?) pics...



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the cube is my favorite, any size will do as long as it's glass...


integrated sumps are ok, but they limit the options you have to upgrade. that kind of depends on what the tank is holding tho.



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