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Cleanup Crew

Upright Joe

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Upright Joe

Well, I added my cleanup crew to my 12g nano cube over the course of the last several days and everything looks to be surviving (except my diatom bloom that is :) ). I made my selection based on articles and posts here:


4 Astrea Snails

2 Bumble Bee Snails

2 Nassarius Snails

5 Small Hermits (with plenty of extra shells I hope)


I held back on shrimp for now. I figured they would be better to add down the road in a few months when I have fish.


Does this look like a good cleanup crew for a nano cube?

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Looks pretty good. I usually go for a few more hermits/gal than that, but that's just preference...I also go for feeder shrimp along with everything else. Again, just preference, but I have found them useful in controlling any hair algae that might appear. Good choice and good luck with your tank!

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Critters I have found useful, but not as commonly used are...

sallylightfoot crabs (some dont think they are reef safe, but I have never had a problem)

lettuce nudibranch

velvet nudi (if you ever have flatworm problems)

brittle/serpent stars (just dotn get the olive brittle, it's a predator)

tiger cuke

sand sifting star

peppermint shrimp (every tank must have one of these)

skunk cleaner shrimp (a close second to the peppermint)


You might have enough hermits for now, but you might want to double them over time as their food source grows.

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