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hammer, frogspawn, and elegance needs help


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I have been reading this site for a few months. How come everyone having their frogspawn growing like crazy, but this is my 5th time to have hammer and elegance type coral. and they all detached from the sketaton, but still living. I have a 25gallon tank with 62 w power compact, and i just recv. my new 130w power compact today. you guys think it will help?

or just too much water flow in my tank.:(


Pls help.



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Sorry to hear about your LPS troubles. I've heard that some people's tanks just aren't nice to euphilias and they can never keep them alive. I wish I could tell you why.


I do know that the lights probably aren't the problem though. I've kept frogspawn and hammer under 32 watt PC. It just grew more slowly.


Flow might be a problem. With frogspawns and hammers, you want the tenticles to be waving in the current oh-so-gently, and softly. Just enough to make them move. IME hammers can take some pretty high flow, but not direct flow.

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I think your lighting is too low. I would use double that, if not triple as a minimum for low light corals.

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