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Legendary Corals

The Ultimate Zoa Pack: 35 Diff Morph - FINAL PRICE DROP

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Legendary Corals

Hey Zoa Addicts,

Here's an insane pack. Probably one of the best ever made.

So here's a chance to grab one of the most epic frag packs offered, trumps our last giant pack that was only 25 morphs. The Insane Pack, 35 Morphs for $800 Shipped! Click the link here or the photo to purchase this phenomenal pack.

All names are listed left to right. $799.99 FINAL DROP $699.99 Shipped

Row 1: 2p JPS Mystiques, 2p 5 Color Rainbow, 1p My Clementines, 2p Halle Berries, 1p LC Nightwalkers (new Vamp morph), 1p GB My Lady (Pink Vamp Morph!), 2p Pink Elephants

Row 2: 2p White Zombies, 1p Demon Eyes (Super Bright in Person), 2p Strawberry Jubilees (gets silver ring in higher light), 6p Lite-Brites (similar to the AC Krakens), 2p LC Rainbow Vamps (new vamp morph!), 2p YR Peachy Blues (super bright), 1p Crystallines (Black center and the skirts have broken purple crystal patterns... extremely sick)

Row 3: 3p Juicy Fruits, 2p Orange Cream Vamps (Orange Vamp!), 1p LC Hyper Phoenix (the sought after), 1p Orange Envies (haven't seen these available in years!), 3p LC Viscous Vixens (insane God of War x Rainbow Incinerator mix!), 1p Electric Oranges, 2p Golden Bandits

Row 4: 1p GB Fangs (sweet vampire slits!), 5p Tutti Fruitys (old school), 1p Tropical Rainbow Freezers, 1p Aussie Strawberry Wines (cool mix of strawberry wines and space monsters!), 1p+ baby WWC Pink Krakatoas, 1p Acid Reflux, 1p Now & Laters

Row 5: 2p Twizzlers, 4p Gatorades, 1p Pastel Orange Rainbows, 2p Space Galaxies, 1p Golden Supernovas (very nice morph, varies in gold as it grows), 1p Scarface, 3p Madhatters (unique yellow skirts)



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