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Why are U-Tube Overflows so hard to find?


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I'm planning to add a below tank fuge to my 20H and I need an overflow rated between 300-500gph. Why is it that the only readily available overflows are continuous siphon CPRs that fail? I know there is lifereef, but those seem a little overpriced if you ask me. DIY is not what i'd like to do because I don't want to deal with the stress of it or the chance it will come out looking ghetto. Is there a cheaper U-Tube design that won't loose siphon for around $50 or less? I haven't seen any on Ebay lately either, even though a few months ago I remember seeing a bunch of good ones.

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CPR does make a 9 dollar pump thats available for use with thier overflows that are supose to aleviate any proble with air building up in the top of the box and causing a siphon break. It is actually sized just right to sit on top of the over flow box! You can always just pick up a U-Tube from the LFS and use that and some hose tubing...


While CPR overflows arent the best from a design stand point I have been using them for years and have yet to have a flood. I do check it on a regular basis for air build up in the over flow box and we have lost power here a couple of times and I have had no emergencies to date, but without a pump...the potential is there none the less.

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Do you have a link I can use to get to that? I tried looking for the Box on Dr Foster and Smith but I couldn't find it. They only seem to have a U-tube and wet dry filters from Amiracle. Thanks






I understand the pump can be used, but then you have extra power consumption and the pump is always running. I don't like that personally considering how much money you have to pay for the overflow itself I think they should have done a better design job. I realize that it is still a personal opinion, but that's how i feel about it at least.

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Ebay.......aquacrylics and a few others sell themm there for about $40 less that lifereef or amiracle.


Just bought one rated at 750gph for $43

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I just bought the aquaacrylics version....give me a week and I'll let you know how it works.


FWIW, I think a mag 3 is kinda small for the purpose....most people use the 7, 9, or 12 on tanks half the size of yours.

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Even at 4 feet of head pressure the mag 7 is rated at 480gph. You don't think that's too much flow for a 20 gallon high?


Also, what's a good way to plumb the return? I kinda want to have 2 spray bars on either end of the tnak, but I have no experience with that kind of stuff.

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