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Critique my sump/refugium plans


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I currently have a 20H gallon display tank. I just recently bought another 20H gallon tank to be used as a refugium/sump. My plan is to divide the tank into three regions using silicone and plexiglass. The water will come down from the overflow into the first region which may also eventually contain a protien skimmer. Then the water will overflow into the refugium area which will contain live rock rubble and macro algea. This area will be lit by two 18 watt 6500K compact fluorescent lights. The water will then overflow into the return area which will contain a Mag 7 to return water to the main tank. A SCWD will be used to alternate current from the return pump. Between head on the return (3 ft.) and the SCWD, I estimate flow to be about 450GPH.


I've attached a diagram (not to scale) of my plans.


My main concern: Will I have too much flow through the refugium? Or will the design lead to dead zones in the refugium region.

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sorry, one more thing... if you want to eliminate dead spots in the fuge part... put some more baffles in to force the water to go down befor in can pass throough to the pump...Good luck

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If you place the skimmer in the section where the water is coming in from the tank, would that take out too much nutrients and starving the plants / micro-org?

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Originally posted by kc5qvz

I was allways told silicone doesnt bond plexi good enough I could be wrong. maybe some one else here can say for sure?



Seems to have bonded pretty well for me. I did a test run with the garden hose this morning. I found one small (really tiny) leak that I'm patching up. Once my silicone dries, it'll be ready for action.

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