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Gerde's Fathom Nano


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I've had the Fathom Reef for a few years now (you can see it at www.wmmac.org/~sgerdeman), so I though I'd try my hand at the nano world. I picked up a 10 gal for my desk at work and added the Orbit fixture to it. The fixture is a pretty nice unit and I'm very happy with it. This tank also gets several hours of natural light from the western facing window. This arrangement seems to really make the montiporas happy and I have located both of them on the window side of the tank.


The tank has been up about 2 months and was created utilzing rock, coral, sand and water from my Fathom Reef.


I modified an AC500 filter with a baffle for the fuge. Seems to be working well, but I would like to add a small clip on light to increase macro output. I also have the skimmer attachment to cut down on the flow, but even with the filter wide open, it is not too much. It is the only source of flow for the tank. I have also drilled a fitting into the base of the fuge, for easy water changes at work. The John Guest fitting runs to six feet of tube that goes under my desk, which has a valve at the end of it for a drain. I change a couple of gallons a week.


Current stock is:



Red mushroom

green ricordia

Toadstool coral

pink photosynthetic gorgonian

green nepthea

colt coral

cabbage coral

bubble coral

green, peach, brown and red zoanthids

Green and orange montipora digitata


six line wrasse

purple firefish

various crabs and snails


I don't really know the best way to attach photos, so I'm including the link to them in the gallery.






You can see some glass anemones in the pictures, I have eliminated them using lemon juice and a needle from the doc. Works great.





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