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New Coralife light for 20L


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Check this out:






It has what I wanted in the first place.


Description: 24" with two 65 watt 10,000K Daylight and two 65 watt True Actinic 03 Blue Compact Fluorescent Lamps plus two 3/4 watt Lunar Blue-Moon-GLow LED 470nm Lamps.



Our state-of-the-art Lunar Aqualight compact fluorescent light fixtures incorporate the Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow LED light which creates rhythmic glitter and shimmering effects while promoting spawning cycles in corals and reef life. Backed by the proven quality of the Aqualight product line, these superb lighting fixtures allow you to Capture the Sun and now...the Moon.




1-10000K and 2 Actinic Lamp Included

3 on/off switches and 3 power cords for separate timers (lamps and moonlight)

Built-in Ballast

Sleek Aluminum Housing

Highly Polished Reflector

Acrylic Lens Cover

Built in cooling fans

1 year warranty on fixture


I'm ordering one, and selling my 2x65 Coralife light. :)

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Originally posted by koolaid

I'm ordering one, and selling my 2x65 Coralife light. :)


you won't be sorry. I have one over my 10 gallon and it is great. I realy like the clean look of it. It is a great product.

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MH is better-more intense, and the key (for me anyway) is that the electric bill is the same, their is MUCH more light, and you only have to replace one $50 bulb instead of 4 $20 bulbs-even if you had two, it is the same cost for a LOT more light-SPS here we come!

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You are the first to ask for this fixture. We will keep your request and see if the demand is there for the fixture in the future.

Dave Troop II

Energy Savers Unlimited, Inc.

910 East Sandhill Ave

Carson, CA 90746




954-418-0901 fax



Currently I own the Coralife 30" 2x65 50/50 fixture. I just saw your new Lunar aqualight, and it is exactly what I am looking for to go over my 20 gallon long tank. The only problem I see is that you currently make a 24"

model and a 36" model. I am in the market for a 30" lamp to go over my 20L tank. The 24" is not long enough, and the 36" is too long.

Does your company plan on making a Coralife 30" Lunar Aqualight that would fit 20L aquariums?

Thank You,

Brad Ferguson

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