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cycling with blue light


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I found a thread that addressed this issue a little bit, but didn't answer my question. I'm setting up a 20 long and will have my live rock in within 2 weeks. On Dr. Mac's site, he suggested using actinic lighting to preserve the coralline algae on the rock for a few hours a day. Also, he suggested NOT using halide lighting at all because of its intensity. Well, the problem comes in because of the light I plan on using. It is a 250w 20k XDE bulb. I have a regular flourescent fixture, but would have to buy an actinic bulb to fit it if I was going to use it during the suring process. The tank is 30 inches long and the NO fixture is 36 inches long, so I could make it work I guess, but my question is........what would you do in this situation? Surely there are several people out there who have run into this problem. I don't want to feed the algae blooms that will occur, but I also don't want white rock. What about using the halide for one or two hrs a day? This too much? Thanks!



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You can just use the regular flourescent fixture for a couple hours a day, itll do fine. Then when u start stocking switch to the MHs and start to work up your hours a day as you continue.....

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Whatever you end up doing, you'll have nice looking rock in a few months. But following Dr. Mac's advice will certainly yield good results.

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Whenever my coraline gets bleached, it always comes back in time. It seems to have a cycle all of its own.


I dont think you will have many issues no matter what.

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