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Drs Foster & Smith PC Light Fixture - PICTURES and REVIEW


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After fully gutting the fixture, it became obvious that the fixture is actually 2 24W bulbs on 2 24W ballasts. I also talked to some of the people at Drs. Foster & Smith who confirmed this for me. The errors will be changed in the next issue of the catolog.


18W bulbs are 9" long, these bulbs are a little over 12", as are all 24W bulbs.


When ordering replacement bulbs for this fixture, DO NOT ORDER 18W BULBS! You must order 24W bulbs, which are available at http://www.neptunesreef.com/bulbs.htm , or http://www.americanaquaticsinc.com/displayroom/ .


Also, after some research I have discovered that the fixture is manufactured by JBJ and branded under Drs. Foster and Smith.


The bulbs are also JBJ brand.


My review of the 12" 36 Watt (2x18w) fixture from Drs. Foster & Smith


I had a few problems with the light right out of the box, there was a screw bouncing around inside the fixture that had to be re-installed. The light is great, but for those who had wishes of fitting yet another PC in there... NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Unlike the single lamp fixture, the double lamp fixture has a nice polished aluminum reflector (not mylar backed cardboard). Both lamps have their own switches and can be controlled individually.


DEFINITELY WORTH THE MONEY. But plan on buying better bulbs as the ones included are green-algae-growing garbage.



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Where can I buy 18w straight pin bulbs?


Can you also provide the dimensions? Dr. F&S's isn't very detailed. I'm wondering if the length in their description is the bulb length or the enclosure length.


THANKS for helping a newbie.

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Length: 14"

Width: 7"

Bulb housing: Roughly 4" by 13 3/4" (VERY TIGHT FIT)

Bulb housing depth: 1 1/2" from the bottom to the acrylic guard.


The fixture is approximately 4x the size of a single 18 watt bulb (horizontally).

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Cool, I'm planning on buying one for my refugium. So in my case, it good that the bulbs are "green-algae-growing garbage"!

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So, I'm wondering what size aquarium are you going to use these lights on? Do you think they would fit on a standard 5 gallon aquarium without a bunch of modification? Thank you!

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Wow, the 2x whatever pc fixtures are totally different than the 1 x whatever pc fixtures. If you want to see pics of the 1x pc units check my gallery. The legs are totally different, as well as the shape.


I wish I had bought that fixture instead.

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Thats odd I ordered $200.00 worth of supplies of doctor fosters and didnt recieve a free t shirt in the box even though the lady on the phone said i would get a free t-shirt. I placed my order on july 6 2004

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How can you set those one a timer with only one power cord? Looks like yout stuck unless you custome make something.

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In my tank I have the light on a timer so that the daylight bulbs come on one hour before the actinic bulbs do. You would not be able to do this with this fixture. But now that I look at this those are the same type of lights in there...so I don't know WTF I am talking about LOL. I should go back to bed.

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