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Flatworm Exit and Still flatworms


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I used Salifert Flatworm Exit tongiht an dI still ahve flatworms that are alive and well 3 hours later. Shoudl I:


A. Wait and they will die.

B. Reapply at 50% (bottle says to reapply at 50% if no death - many died but not all so I am not sure if their 50% rule covers this case).

C. Wait a couple of days and try again.


I did exactly as the instructions directed. I sucked out as many as I could find, put in the solution, added carbon when they started dying, and sucked out as many as a could find that were dead (or dying).


Any ideas?



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Yeah, I've heard that you have to do it 2 or even 3 times sometimes...I have a flatworm problem as well so please keep us updated as to the progress. Good luck!

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