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Petco 3.7G Cubic Pico Reef Build!

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17 hours ago, TatorTaco said:

The curved front + the stock pump is awful since nothing is directed towards the overflow.  It simply swirls in circles over and over again.  I've thought about gutting it, then turning the tank backwards so the curve is on the backside.  However, I'm too lazy for that mess.  🙂


I do have some easy to care for freshwater plants (2) and I can see them swaying just a bit though.  


If either of you need a glass top, let me know and I can ship it if you'd cover the shipping.  It's always warm in my office so I've just taken the lid off permanently. 

Yeah I took mine off too, too much heat in the tank with it on. I like the curved front lol 😁

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