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Which Powerhead for CPR bakpak skimmer


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I just bought a cpr bak pak to replace that freakin loud prizm skimmer i've had to live with for 3 months.


My question is, what powerhead is better to use on it? The maxi-jet 1200 or the rio 600.


I have both, it came with the maxi jet, and i aleady have a rio 600 with the venturi modification (from when i was going to build my own skimmer).


My main question is which is quieter? Is there any other differences?



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The Maxi-jet is by far more reliable...having said that..I haven't had problems with the stock Rio mine came with (I'm sure I will eventually)..so I run it with the Rio..however..if I had to do it all over again, I'd run the Maxi.



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