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snail placement


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Does anyone regularly pick their snails off the glass and put them down on patches of algae on their rocks? I've heard about his practice, but I don't like reaching in so often, but I am getting patches of green hair on my rocks. What should I do? (I have 2 emerald crabs that help a little).

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Yeah ARIsE, is the one that has been doing that, and I copied her. Sometimes these snails are so dumb, they only stay on one of my glass panel in my 5.5 nano tank. When they eat everything on that glass panel, they don't do anything else for days, leaving all the other glass panels growing with algae!


Today was the day I decided to pick the snails off, and place them on the other panels. Two of my snails started to eat away at the green algae, while the other stupid one found it's way back to the orginal glass panel I took it off....grrrrr.

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It's really great to do b/c then u dont have to clean the tops of your powerheads...just throw a snail ontop of it

I even put them IN the tube where the water enters my tank from my fuge. They move a lot slower cause they have to hang on w/ more effort but they get it clean~

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Thats why I like turbos..they have a really great habit of finding the trouble spots..which is great because they have no fear of crawling on powerheads, over intakes (into intakes..this can sometimes be a problem), I've had them crawl onto the "overflow" of an AC filter..everywhere. (Then again..the downside to this is that they also can have a tendency to crawl down your overflow drain if you don't screen it off)



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