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Heater for Red Sea Nano Filter.


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I was kicking around at Wal-Mart getting some filter media for a freshwater tank. I then came across this super tiny heater. For $7, I figured, "Hell, why not?"


I have been planning a small tank (pico maybe?) for a while since I have a few small frags that get lost in my 16ga. So, I needed a heater, and something that wouldn't crowd my tank in progress. I knew I wanted to use the nano filter for circulation, and that it would be running empty. So, come to find out, this little heater will fit in the back of my Red Sea Nano Filter!



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All I can say is be careful and watch it closely. My first one almost boiled one of my betta's and the second malfunctioned also. I like the small size, but not being able to adjust the temp sucks. I won't get a third and hope you have better luck with yours then I did with mine.

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It was the same heater? I am testing mine right now b/c it isn't adjustable. In fact, I need to go check it.



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It held that testing tupperware tub of water at 80*F. Perfect for a nano tank.


My thoughts are that the heater just stays on at a low temperature. That way, once the water hits X temperature, it won't go any higher. I think the temp also has a lot to do with factors like tank size, ambient temperature, etc.



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I had one on my dwarf seahorse tank. It was working fine for about 9 months and then one day I woke up and my water was like 104 degrees. :(


You can test that heater all you want but there is no telling when its going to malfunction.

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