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8.0 ph???


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the salt mix i use says that its a conditioner and will make the water a proper ph... but when i test it its only 8.0..


y is it so low, its at proper SG

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pH changes throughout the day and night, going up while the lights are on and dropping at night.


if you always test in the morning, then it will always appear low. test just after the lights go off, or better yet get a pinpoint pH monitor to see how much your tank changes on a daily basis.



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Are you saying that you are mixing fresh SW and the pH (of the new water) is only at 8.0? If so, I'd say aerate like trmiv said and if it is still 8.0 I'd blame the test kit.

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my Ph likes to hover between 7.9 and 8.1 and everything is happy.


I spent about 2 months trying different methods to raise it and all it did was piss off everything and kill some of my corals.


Soon as I stopped messing with it everything perked back up and my SPS started to grow again.......


My advice is dont worry about it unless something doesnt look happy

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let me guess... it's oceanic salt. That is what I am using and it has a really low Alk and really high Calc, so it has a pH of between 7.9 and 8.1. I think I am going to change to Tropic Marin.

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i forgot the name of the salt, but it comes in a 25gallon and a 50 gallon bag, it has a colourful reef pic in the front with fish and stuff

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