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Quality of foam? WHaaaa? (Remora question)


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From the instruction manual:


"You can adjust the quality of foam by raising or lowering the collection cup. Be aware that the skimmer will produce very little foam at first, but once it “kicks in” it will produce a large amount of froth. The collection cup can be set at the desired height by moving the black o-ring up or down on the cup. At its lowest setting, the skimmer may collect an extremely wet, light-colored froth at first. In order to collect a dry foam, raise the collection cup a small amount each day until you find the desired level. "


What do the different "qualities" of foam mean, and what type are you looking for?



Confused Reefer

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basically restating spyda:


you can have thick foam/froth (very small bubbles and moderately compacted). e.g. in baking: egg whites beaten to a froth


you can have thin foam/froth (very large bubbles and loosely compacted). e.g. bubble bath


you can have a variety in-between. very wet/loosely compacted or relatively dry/moderately compacted foam.


i'd suggest setting the screw adjustment so that the bubbles overflow the inner chamber and then back-off until the bubbling level recedes to the lower portion of the connecting throat. check up on the unit over the next couple of days for adjustments. i'd adjust the height a 1/2" up or down before i re-adjust the screw.


btw the height of the cup is just as important as the screw adjustment imo. on setup/startup, i'd let it drop all the way (bottoming out) and then bring it up 1/3 of the possible height using the o-ring or lock, depending on your model. hth

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look at what's in the collection cup after a day, if it's too wet raise the cup (more likely occurance). if it's dry there's not a lot of waste or the cup is too high. when i do water changes, the first time the cup is on there is little skimate production.

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