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sick clownfish


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i had just recently bought a percula clownfish. my tank is about 5 weeks old, and all the levels seem good. the fish has not eaten in 4 days, and remains at the surface developing small bumps on the white portion of his body. anyone know what this is? i have done alot of research but have not isolated the problem. any suggestions of how t o treat this would be greatly appreciated.




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Okie! Serious Its called itch! ... The best way to get rid of it is to buy the medicine .. for either the tank... Or to take the fish and put it in a container say either a 10 gallon or a jug .. Make sure it has air either from air stone or w/e.. Just make sure .. before you think the fish is better.. do a 100% water change but do it slowly ... An then .... wait a day or 2 and then put it back in the tank ... I KNOW OFF HAND SAME PROBLEM SAME ANSWER! .. only way of doing it .... Another way is putting it fresh water for a few .. min or secs to gettill the white stuff falls off People can change salt levels to get it off but the safe way is a hospital tank .. Try a little container .. does best .. with water cahnges and dose's of medicine ...


Good luck Trust me the sooner the better .. i waited to long and splat

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so you think if i buy the medicine it will take care of the fish inside of the tank or should i take the fish out anyway? this is my first encounter with a sick fish, i just got started a couple of weeks ago. ive had a damsel in there for 3 weeks or so and its been fine, along with a crab and a shrimp. the fish has developed these bumps over days.

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If you have a nano-reef, most medications for ICH will negatively effect your invertebrates/corals. It's best to move him into a quarantine tank to prevent the spread of ich into the tank, keeping the water levels a bit higher in the quarantine tank will also speed up the life cycle of the ich as well as treatment. While medicating, if by any chance you have a filter on the quarantine tank...take any carbon out of the filter since it sucks up the medication.

Clown's are pretty hardy, so I can see him surviving the quarantine tank meds along with the freshwater bath.

I generally prefer medicate, rise tank temps and up salinity a tad in a quarantine tank. If he was eating I'd say mix some garlic in his frozen food since Ich hates garlic apparently...but he's not eating, so forget that.

Everyone deals with ich differently, so you can get different answers all the time.

I'd check at the store that you bought him from too to see if the tank you bought him from has ich since it spreads like wildfire. If it does, kindly tell the pet store owner/manager/clerk that that tank is contaminated.


Ich is in pretty much any tank at all times, it's just like a common cold for tanks which just needs your fish to get stressed out and their immunity systems to drop due to that...and there ya go...an outbreak of ich takes over.

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get kick ich thats the medicines name, it is reef safe for inverts and corals it works great,



copper free


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