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Macro photo thread


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Lets see those macro shots. I think this could be a popular thread like the one on RC. I'll start with one of my recent favorites.

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ha, That was a swollen blue , green and purple Wellsephyllia , sorry :P


this is a fanworm, it is a smidge larger than a pea..



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Thanks OC. I think my monitor is a little bright cuz you aren't the first to tell me that.


Joekr Nice picture!



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Thanks!! Good shots all around so far!! Great work!


Here's another...used my macro lense, so I guess it counts! This is the molt off my emereald!!:o



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no frames you big sissy. It is OBVIOUSLY an attempt to hide the fact that your pictures are sub-par. Please remove them you big sissy B)

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I need to have you edit all my photos.. see though, the way you have it, that coralline on my glass is much more visible :angry:

Apparently I need to adjust my monitor brightness, you aren't the first to think my pictures are dark. I will post more tonight. Leaving work soon.

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here is a pictures of tank,, man here on iceland owns it.

Tank3combo.jpg i know that is not a nano but just wanna show the pic.

Geen-Carpet-43.jpg green carpet anemonehttp

Green-Chromis-orgy-02.jpg green chromis

Brain.jpg Brain Lobophyllia

Copperband-Butterfly-22.jpg copperband butterfly

Maroon-Clown-in-his-anemone[1].jpg maroon clown

Regal-Tang-lips.jpg regal tang

sun20Ppolyps2035[1].jpg sun polyps, if you want more tell me.

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