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Gobie/Shrimp Combos


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Hey guys. In researching for my 20L I stumbled upon some pics of some cool gobies and shrimp pairs. I'm planning on having many different types of corals and I hope for at least 1 clam. Does anyone have any advice for good combinations of gobies and shrimps? I'd love some experiences also. Thanks!

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I also need to find a solution to having a top to the tank while allowing my MH pendant to get light in... Any thoughts???

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make sure when you set up your tank to plan for the pistol moving sand around. they NEVER stop rearranging the tank.




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I have a tiger pistol shrimp and a wheelers goby in my tank. They are very cool. . . .


I run an open top tank also. I just hope the wheelers goby doesn't decide to jump. . . .

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