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inTank Media Baskets

IM NANO FUSION 10 New Build!


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Hey all got the itch again and wanted to build a nano so that it was easier to move being that I'm military and move every few years. Came across this NUVO 10g at my lfs and I am pretty impressed! I asked the lfs to hook me up with some water/rock/sand from his seasoned tank to jump start my cycle and everything is running so far. Had the tank up and running in minutes! I just ordered the Intank media basket as well.



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Sorry guess they didn't stick lol they should be up now, these were last night and I'm sure the tank is cleared up by now, I will post updated pics when I get home

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should i upgrade the pump with a MJ1200 for better flow? would it be too much? Ive heard that the new media basket Im getting might have a hard time with a stronger pump.

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:welcome: Nice tank! I've got one cycling right now too. Feel free the check out my thread and compare notes.


You should be OK with the inTank. It's the upgraded IM media basket people have had trouble with.


I've thought about upgrading the pump, but instead i just removed the little flow director. Turns out that thing really constricts the flow of the pump. Also make sure it's set on full power - it can be hard to tell which setting is which just by looking at it.

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It's hard to say what you can get for it. Check realistic comparable prices on Ebay or Amazon, then list it here on NR and see what happens.

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did a good water change today managing not to piss anyone off but myself......so blow before you suck on the syphon huh...........mouth full of sea water tastes wonderful :wacko:

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