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So Long Dude...R.I.P.


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When I got home from the D-Rays game last night, one of the first saltwater fish that I bought was dead. It was the male false perc that I dubbed, Dude (The smaller counterpart in the Dude & Sweet Combo, ala Dude, Where's My Car?). I knew there was a problem a day earlier because he was swimming vertically more than normal and had some discoloration on his underside, near his stomach. When I found him, he was stuck to the intake on one of my power heads, disemboweled through his anal opening. This leads me to believe that perhaps he was a victim of parasitism. I have no clue though. The only thing that I can do is watch the other fish (who all are acting normally). I'm sure if it was a parasite, it left it's dead host (unless I caught it early enough to prevent it from leaving, which wouldn't make sense given the disembowelment).


Next.....what do I do now? Do I get another small False Perc to try to form a pair with the now widowed female? She was biting my hand as I removed him from the tank. Funny....I never knew a fish would have a sense of loss, but I witnessed it. She didn't eat last night or this morning (much to the delight of my shrimp, six-line and yellow-tailed damsel). I'm just bummed out about it. These fish were part of my life for the last two and a half years...:(

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That sucks Matt! You could try another.....but you know that's hit and miss! Try to match her size....that should minimize the bullying.


I lost my small perc a month ago myself.....tough little bastard! Had him for 5 years, was the smallest (maybe 1.5"), but the toughest in the tank.


Amazing how we get attached, once they make it through the "newbie" stage.

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I have the same problem.When I get a fish , I get so attached i cant get rid of them even if they are causing trouble.I have had a blue damsel forever that should of got the boot.:D

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I'd like to introduce you to "Zipper"....the meanest damn fish I've ever had. Can't get rid of him though...he eats out of my hand.



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I see your zipper and raise you a green spotted puffer.He wont eat out of my hand ,but he will take a bite out of it.:D

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