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HOW TO: DIY $110 150w MH Pendant - Regent Revisited


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The $110 150w MH Pendant: Regent Revisited




This is a "How To" on building a 150w MH Pendant.


Materials List:


- 150w DE MH Bulb

- 150w MH Ballast

- 500w Regent Halogen Light Fixture

- Steel Wire

- Clamp Kit for Wire

- Cieling Screw w/ Eye

- 8ft. 3-Prong Wire

- Junction Box


Step 1: 500w Halogen Fixture -> 150w MH Pendant


Take the Regent fixture apart by removing the glass, then the reflector, and then the end caps.


Now, take the end caps outside and drill a hole in the space between the existing mounting hole and the curve towards the middle of the bracket. Make sure the drilled hole is large enough for the mounting screw to fit through. Do this on both sides.




Take some v-cut pliers or a dremel and remove most of the ceramic from around the bulb contacts on the endcaps. Almost half of it has to be removed. I would suggest cutting off all of the excess ceramic used to shield the halogen bulb.




Take the endcaps and cut them in half (again, I used v-cut pliers) in the middle, through the hole where the reflector once mounted. Now remount them inside of the fixture. There should be about an inch gap between the bracket.




Loop the steel cable through the hole used for attachting the mounting bracket and secure it with the clamp kit. Now feed the 8ft. powercord through the hole and down into the fixture where the old wires were run. Use the green to ground the fixture, and the black and white to connect the endcaps.




Replace the reflector (it will stay on by itself). Now install the bulb and be sure to wipe it down with an alcohol soaked cloth. Put the glass back on.




Step 2: Wiring the ballast




Measure about 1 - 2' from the plug on the powercord, and cut it in half. Now strip back the wires on both sides exposing the white, black, and green wires. Feed the wires from the ballast and either end of the powercord into the junction box.


Wiring should be done accoring to your ballast specifications. Remember that you will wire from the wall, into the ballast. Then from the ballast, into the fixture. Green will ALWAYS be ground.




After everything is buttoned up, plug in the ballast to check and make sure everything is working properly. If so, go on to step 3. If not, go back and check your connections and wiring. Make sure that the reflector is not touching the back of the endcaps, causing them to ground out!


Step 3: Hanging the Pendant


Have someone hold the pendant over the tank to make sure it is where you want it. Then, install the eye bolt by twisting it into the cieling. Measure off the wire where the pendant has a height of about 6" off the surface of the water. Install the second part of the wire clamp kit by making a loop. Now hang it form the cieling mount.




Step 4: Enjoy!


Plug in you pendant, kick back, and enjoy the light!





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Thanks for the detailed how-to! My only question is what are the exact parts used (bulb and fixture-their are different regent fixtures)!



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There's a place in the fixture where it is grounded. Look at the 4th picture. You can see the green wire and the screw holding it in place in the original spot for the ground.

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Originally posted by jmt

Indulgence is the American way of life.  Just go out to the garage and look at your vette. :D



His garage is too full of other cars to see the 'vette.:P

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The excess light is prbly a result of the way the fixture angles out-Its designed to be a floodlight or worklight, so that is how it is. You may be able to change it by hooking another cable to it and pulling it more back towards the wall-just a thought (I'm going to need the light directed down more on my 29g, cuse I need the light-for the tank-and I don't sleep well unless its pretty dark in the room, which is where my tank is going as well), and I may suspend mine with two "Y" harnasses made of chain.



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Originally posted by jmt

There's a place in the fixture where it is grounded.  Look at the 4th picture.  You can see the green wire and the screw holding it in place in the original spot for the ground.


And you attached this to the power cord?


El gordo. I don't think they will fit . I believe the 250 bulbs are bigger.

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Right, the green ground from the powercord attatchs there on the fixture.


As for the 250w Question, it *might* work. But, you will have to go out an buy different endcaps for the 250w bulb.

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I cannot believe someone took me seriously about too much light from a MH. I'm going to have to rethink my life. I'll let you know what I figure out if it's not already too late. Oh yeh, Justin you misspelled least. PROOFREAD! You too Dave.

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Very slick DIY. I think I heard on RC about using regents to mount 250 watt DEs. Do a search there.

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After doing some more research at RC, I am still wondering how you are firing a de bulb with a m102 spec. ballast! You have proof, so I don't doubt that it is possible, but can you fire all de, 150 watt bulbs? If I got the M81 (which you say has the same voltage at start and during bulb operation), it would cost me like $20 more for the "same" ballast. Still, I'm calculating $100 w/ bulb and ballast. Btw, whats with the el cheapo catalina bulbs (searched and came up empty handed)?



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Too be honest with you, I can't be sure of the long term effects on the bulb. That's why I went with a cheaper bulb.


The "HQI" ballasts put out more wattage than a normal ballast. This causes the bulb to burn brighter, but it will decrease longevity. So, if a regualr 150w ballast was pushing 150w, an HQI ballast would be pushing 150w+.


As far as all DE 150w bulbs go, I am unsure. I compiled this list through my research:









That is a broad enough spectrum for me to stay within. I guess you could test other bulbs, but I am fine with the choices I have.


I am not telling you to go out and buy a ballast that isn't listed for that bulb type. I am simply stating that I am running a bulb on my m102 ballast, and have had no trouble.


So, if you buy the ballast, and things don't work out, please don't hold me responsible.


Funny thing is, this ballast also fired a 175 SE bulb.


The catalina bulbs can be found at www.petsupplyliquidator.com . The thing is, they are kind of hit and miss when it comes down to buying them. I hear that CA is testing their bulbs now, but I can't be too sure.



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Thanks. I wasn't going to hold you responsible for the bulb not working; just wanted more info since I found little. Anyway, I also heard that psl is testing the bulbs (or someone is). So, I am going with on of those or one off e-bay for $40. BTW, do you know an online retailor for the regent fixtures? I checked at lowes, they didn't have the one you used. I will call Home Depot and see what they have, but they are located 45 minutes away, so its kind of a drag.



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Hmm, it seems the EQ500WL is no longer made (can't find it at regents home page, at HD, Wal-Mart or Lowes). The best I can find is the GP500WL, which looks similar to the EQ300WL, but with a 500 watt halogen. This might be the replacement...



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for gods sake, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SOMETHING SOLID in the ceiling to attach it to! dont attach electrical over water to drywall only!




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