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A few questions before I start stocking


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I am ready to start stocking with frags and livestock. So far all I have is a LR with some zoos and mushrooms. It also has a few teeny tiny feather dusters, and a scooter blenny. All of my parameters are good and it is a 20L been set up for 2 months.


1. I have some turf algae...what kind of critter can I get to clean this up? I also have some trees growing on my rock and mainly on the glass, what will clean this up? I have just been taking a razor blade to the front glass.

I have a cleaner shrimp, 6 astrea snails, 12 blue leg hermits, and a brittle star. I have also seen some bristle worms crawling around.


2. Can anyone give me some feedback on SWF.com? They have nice looking stuff and free shipping.


3. Where can I find some chaetomorpha for my HOB fuge?


I don't really have any good LFSs around here. What is here is very expensive.


How many fish can I put in a 20L? The only other fish I really want is a clown goby and a pair of percula clowns. Would this be ok?

Here is a picture after 2 months. Buy the way....from the picture does it look like too many bubbles coming from the HOB? If so, how do I fix this?

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Looks nice! Scooter dragonet may not get enough to eat in such a new tank. Other fish choices seem okay. Filters should let no bubbles in tank. Probably a loose connection or adjustment. Lighting will dictate inverts that will thrive. Only things that will eat turf algae are big tangs and sea urchins. Both are pretty hard on a small tank. Good luck.

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I was told at the LFS that a lawnmower blenny would would take care of turf algae. What is your thoughts on that. I have 135watts on the tank. I have tons on copepods and I am also supplementing with some brine and flakes. My blenny gobbles up those flakes.

The reason my filter is letting in bubbles is because I have it set up high for a waterfall effect. Should I lower it so it flows directly in the tank??

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Why do people really care about bubbles? (just a pet peeve on that point..lol) However, if you're still in the middle of your turf algae bloom, I'd just invest in a few more snails and not stock the tank any further as its still "cycling". (Not in the nitrogen sense of the word, but in the "if you're still having algae blooms, let your tank sit for a while" sense of the word) I belive in a good, long, 2 to 3 month cycling period..but that might just be me (and Eric Borneman).




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Feeder shrimp work great in my husband's tank on his hair algae--they love it! Also, his snails help greatly in this area!

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Turf algae is tough plain and simple. I doubt a lawnmower blenny will do jack. I had it and flipped the rock over so the algae side was under sand. It worked for me, but I suspect this was more luck than anything else. You are gonna have to pluck as much of it off as possible.


If it is of any consequence, FAC_WNY is absolutely correct. It will go away over time with proper maintenance, but that tank is still in a cycling state (can we ever truly say they are not?). I am sure critters will be fine, but the food and waste will feed that damn algae too and prolong its existence.


Totally up to you b/c I feel you won't be hurting anything, just the eyesore will last longer.




BTW excellent the dragonet eats flake! good work.

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Thanks for all the replys! Time for a water change today. I guess I will just break out the hedge clippers while I am cleaning. ;) Most of my turf algae is on my sand.

Can anyone answer my question as to where I can find some chaetomorpha?? Want to be sure and keep my copepods up for my little scooter dude!

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