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Egg Crate Louvers


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Where to find black Egg Crate Louvers?


Can not find them at Ace Hardware.


Can not find them at Home depot, besides the white and chrome one.


Now searching online....

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ime the only time you can get black eggcrate is just prior to the mfg plating the eggcrate (chromed eggcrate). black is often used in the chromed parts for cost savings because of the material required to 'take on' the plating process. black=cheaper material


you can also try a marine paint to paint over the typical white/natural color eggcrates found in home depot or lowes.

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thanks alot Sly, I checked out the website, the website says I have to purchase at least 25 bucks worth of stuff to check out. Ontop of that, the shipping for the egg crate is 30 bucks!




btw. i was told by one lfs, that black eggcrate is more expenisve than white.


white egg crate 2'x4' 9.97 at home depot

2'x4' black eggcrate at lfs 35.00

2'x4' chrome egg crate at Home Depot 29.99

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buya few sheets and sell what you dont use to ure scammin lfs to cover ure cost. Thats a big piece for 14bucks

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I found the balck egg crate louvers. I called a light plastic distributer. Found them on the yellow pages online.

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