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tank problem


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Iv had a 20 gallon reef setup for about 5 months everything was going good then i went out of town for about 5 days when i got home the water temp must of got to high cause it was 95 in my room so the tank must have heated way up i have some mushroorms and a gsp the shrooms arent getting as big as they were and the gsp onlyt has about half the poylps it had befor and they only stay out about half the day i was wondering if my tank and the corals will come back and also im getting alot of fuzzy brown algae stuff everyday what would be the best way to get my tank back on track

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The heat could definitely have caused it trouble. If you run into those temperatures again, you should find a way to cool the tank. For once, avoid turning the lights on during the hot parts of the day. Secondly, try accelerating evaporative cooling by setting up a small fan to blow over the water's surface. Lastly, you could get or make a cooler, but they tend to be excessively expensive compared to the cost of a nano.


What are your water params now? If there was any die-off in the rocks or algaes from the heat, your water could be fouled up. Which would inhibit the healthy return of your mushrooms and GSPs. The growth of the algae would indicate this as a problem.


Do your water changes and the typical tactics for eliminating the algae, as well as keeping the tank at a reasonable temp (82-83 degF max), and it's very likely everything will come back to life.


Although GSPs hate me, and never bounce back after injury. I seems to be a lone man out on this problem, though.

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