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tang in a nano


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im new, so i need help i bought a tang for my 20gallon it ill be in there for a couple of days will it be fine??? i have clams in there to for about a year now

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Originally posted by footbag

Tangs need at least 75g tanks.  Otherwise the will become stressed and eventually die.


Obviously, but just storing it for a couple of days won't hurt a thing. Can't be any worse than most LFS tanks I see tangs wedged in :-P

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I know alot of people ride the tang in small tanks thing hard, but I for one do not think it is totally true. My lfs has a baby tang that he has had in a 15g tank for as long as I have known about the store. This would be about 6 months. He put it in there to nurse it back to health and it seems like the happiest fish in his whole store. It does nothing but come to the glass when you walk up to the tank and go nuts. It follows you as you pass even. It is almost as if it wants to be petted. ;) It is a baby convict tang and it no more than 3" long.

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