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My 2.5 hood and stand


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I have been wanting to det up a 2.5g so here is my start

Just got done with my canopy and base for it

It is made out of solid maple

Still needs a little light touches here and there but it is about finished

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Let me know what you are looking for


As for lights---

I ordered a 2x13w retro-----10k and actinic

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Got my lights today

Ordered them from PSL

I have heard good things and bad things about PSL but from my experience so far it has been good

I ordered them wednesday night and they were here on saturday

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Came with a workhorse 5

My only concern is having the ballast mount in the hood

Is this gonna cause too much heat?

If so I have a small CSL fan I can install

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Final pic for now

No water in the tank yet -waiting on a few things

I painted the back and the bottom black(I am going with a bare bottom)

I think the black looks good against the white maple

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I'd strongly recommend mounting that ballast outside the hood. My hood has 2 19watt screw-in curly Q PC's and 2 13watt actinic PC's (with the ballasts mounted remotely) and it can get pretty hot under there even with a fan. I'm now running two fans because those screw-in bulbs can get hot. The cooler your ballast and bulbs stay, the longer they'll last. You're tank is looking good though.

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You should build a small back part on the canopy. You can block some of the light that will escape and also have a place to mount your ballast.


Just a suggestion...

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I got it set up now

I took the ballast out but now I am having trouble getting it to fore the lights

It wont fire them both at the same time------gotta look into this some more

I have an AQ mini on it Visa heater and an auto top off

Temp went up to 84

What does everyone else run thier 2.5 at?

I think I may install a fan tomorrow

I will post some pics tomorrow

If I get my lights figured out I will add the rock and corals(from another tank)

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